PulsaPro® is a positive displacement, leak-free, hydraulically balanced diaphragm metering pump, engineered for precise dosing and long-term dependability, delivering superior value. It offers a diverse range of fluid handling solutions with unique pump head designs consisting of HYDRAtube®, HYDRAcone®, or flat diaphragm types, each available in a variety of wet-end materials. Pulsa Pro features immediate visual intelligence about pump and system performance. It complies with the API 675 standard for use in oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, power generation, and water & wastewater treatment industries.

PulsaPro Benefit and Features

● Unique 3 valve hydraulic management system makes the PulsaPro pump resilient to system upset
● Hydraulic performance valve maintains optimum diaphragm position and allows low suction NPIP of 5 psi (0.345 bar)
● Push-to-prime valve allows quick manual priming of the hydraulic system in addition to automatic air bleeding
● Externally adjustable hydraulic by-pass valve protects against over-pressurization
● Four bolt tie bar design provides ultimate resistance to piping moments and forces
● Three component check valves for controlled fluid displacement, assuring reliable hydraulic operation
● Manual stroke length adjustment with resolution of 0.5% for set point accuracy

Standard materials of construction

● Wet end: 316LSS, GF-PTFE, PVC
● Diaphragm: PTFE
● Valve ball: 316LSS, Alumina Ceramic
● Valve seat: 316LSS, PVC, GF-PTFE
● Valve gaskets: PTFE
● Pump body: Cast Iron

Connection types

● Raised-face flange


● Manual stroke length control
● Electronic stroke length control

Leak detection

● PULSAlarm®
● Pressure based
● IP66, NEMA Type 4X,

Multiplex configurations

● Up to 17 pumps

HYDRAtube & HYDRAcone design

● The solution for shear sensitive and high viscosity fluids
● Straight flow-through path
● Optional slurry valves
● Elastomeric HYDRAtube & HYDRAcone
● Robust Ductile Iron housing - HYDRAtube only
● Double diaphragm safety - HYDRAtube only
● ChemAlarm® leak detection - HYDRAtube only